Anita Mahdia Daulne

Workshops for Grasel’s trails – Slavonice
2-10 July 2010

The goal of this workshop culminating in Slavonice from 2-10 July is to produce expository objects – sculptures to be placed in the “Grasel’s trails” landscape, in the Czech-Austrian frontier area (around the towns and villages of Nová Bystřice, Slavonice, Vratěnín a Nové Syrovice / and in Austria Dobersberg, Karlstein, Raabs). Around 8-10 objects made of metal, wood, concrete, and stone shall be produced. Artists from the Czech Republic and Austria should participate.

Summer week-long workshops on African polyphony in Slavonice

Slavonická renesanční, o.p.s. in cooperation with Hlasohled organizes another summer week-long workshop on African polyphony with the following tutors: Anita Mahdia Daulne Congo/Belgium, (singing)
EPHRAIM GOLDIN Canada/CR (rhythmics)
14. – 21 August, Slavonice, more details on the website of hlasohledu.


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