Who we are

Motto:  to be a SOURCE of entertainment, ideas, management and information.

Slavonická renesanční, o.p.s.,
With its seat at Na potoku 629, Slavonice 378 81
Identification number: 261 08 721 tel.: 384 493 884, cell phone 724 919 413,
registered in the register of non-for-profit organizations maintained by the Regional Court of České Budějovice , section O, file 130

Slavonická renesanční, a non-profit organization was created in 2006 next to the existing civic association. The main objective of the non-profit organization is to the repair and to operate the old German house in Slavonice (used later on as a cinema). The organization also provides services as set out in its foundation deed.


EDUCATION – specialized long-term programs for lay and professional public, lecturing and advisory services in the area of work with communities (methods of community planning, management discussions, etc.)

DEVELOPMENT OF THE CITY AND THE REGION - consulting, educational training for local communities, organizations, associations, entrepreneurs (seminars, courses, etc.) Services of a Bureau of Grants Management.

SOCIAL SERVICES – club of leisure time activities for children and youth, consulting for socially disadvantaged groups and individuals (preparation of the creation of a Citizens Advice Bureau)


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