Grasel paths in 2010

You will find here all information on the life on the trails: 
events, cleanup of the trails, improvements, matters of interest, cooperation with partners, tree planting, Earth Day festivities, opening and closing of the trails.

The Grasel’s trails with a guide

Only the company of one of our guides will enable you to find out more about local history, legends natural curiosities and other matters of interest. We recommend you our local guide service offer.

THE PENIKOV WATERMILL: each Saturday, from May until October, you can visit this unique technical monument and see a beam cutting demonstration. In July and August visits are also conducted on Wednesday at 2 p.m.

THE SLAVONICE – MAŘÍŽ GRASEL’S TRAIL:  in July and August, we meet each Wednesday at 9 a.m. at the train station of Slavonice and with a guide we take a 7km walk: During this half-day trip, you will learn many interesting things about the trails but also for instance about the history of this little corner of our nation until 1989 during the iron curtain period. 

According to your wishes and on the basis of reservations, we can offer you guiding services on other Grasel’s trails as well as other services such as transportation.

Zveme Vás na Graselovy stezky 2010

  • 16 April - Thaya - Graselkongress
  • 17 April - Slavonice – Opening of the tourist season-hemp afternoon
  • 16 May - Slavonice - Penikov – Discovery walk on the Grasel’s trail, first visit of the Penikov sawmill
  • 4 and 5 June - Göpfritzschlag – music festival "GRASEL - ROCK"
  • 2- 11 July - Slavonice – Art workshop – statutes and other sculptures for the Grasel’s trails
  • 2 July - Český Rudolec – The Fairy Tale Forest "Behind the rock, with Grázl the robber”
  • 24- 25 July - Vratěnín – Vratěnín village fair - Grasel’s gold competition
  • 25 September - Nová Bystřice – Grasel’s trail trip – closing of the tourist season
  • 16 October - Nové Syrovice – Grasel’s trail festivities



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