Overview of all trails

Join us on our trail hike following the places where bandit Johann Georg Grasel used to hide and go on robbing rampage. A son of a woman beggar and a dog catcher, Grasel became a bandit gang leader in his teenage years. His gang was feared across the whole region.

Grasel’s trails run along both sides of the Czech-Austrian border, through the area between the Austrian communities Raabs and Kautzen and the Czech communities Nová Bystřice and Nové Syrovice. They create seven hiking routes leading around these towns and village:
Raabs (30.5 km), Karlstein (36 km), Dobers­berg (48 km), Slavonice (23 km), Vratěnín (7 km),­ Nové Syrovice (10 km) & Nová Bystřice (29 km). The trail crossing the border runs from Slavo­nice via Maříž to Dobersberg (22 km).

Enter unspoiled, pure nature with shaded forests and walk in the alleys of ancient roads. Grasel’s trails will disclose you the traces of our ancestors’ lives, mythical recesses, stony fields, and believed ancient Celtic sacrifice sites. You are invited to travel a region that will inspire you with its hidden natural power.

In Austria, Grasel’s trails are marked with a graphic plaque. On the Czech side of the border, they are marked with a yellow target frame with white letter “G”.

Map and trails description

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