Grasel trail | Český Rudolec
Map and description of the trail

Zobrazit místo Graselova stezka Český Rudolec na větší mapě

Trail lenght: 9 km
Obecní úřad Český Rudolec
Phone: +420 384 496 138

In Český Rudolec, the Grasel Trail starts from the church of St.John the Baptist. It leads down the Jindřichův Hradec road and along the dam of the Rudolec pond. Past the pond it turns left and continues along the road to Radíkov. After about 1 km, at the edge of the forest, the trail turns right onto a forest path to Horní Radíkov. The trail passes through a picturesque village, past the last house on the plateau near the woods. In the forest, right next to the road, there is a place called Kutiště. Here and elsewhere in the countryside are traces of silver mining. Via the trail we reach the Hornoradíkovský creek. On the right we can see a granite rock formation, the Philip‘s Stones, under which the stream disappears. Along the path we climb the hill Skalka (aka Kofrštán, hence Kupferstein – in German copper stone). From the top of Skalka, the trail descends to Radíkov and on to the pond Horní Hamr. Below Radíkov the trail connects to the red marked tourist route, along which the hiking circuit ends up back in Český Rudolec.

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